Available courses

💵Monthly Course Fee: LKR 5000/=

💻 Moodle Enabled Interactive Platform: Engage in an interactive online environment with our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS), providing access to resources, assignments, and collaborative activities, scaffolded by weekly interactions with their teacher.🚀

📖 Open to English literature curriculums transcending local and international boundaries.

🔍 Guided by Prasanna Rathnayake: Benefit from the Exclusive Scaffolding Approach crafted by renowned educator Prasanna Rathnayake for a unique and effective learning experience. ✨

🎭 State of the Art Literature Exploration: Dive into the rich world of English Literature, exploring masterpieces to cultivate a deep appreciation for language, culture, and storytelling. 🌍

💰 Affordable Tuition: Unlock academic excellence for your child without breaking the bank.

Prepare your child for academic excellence and a profound understanding of English Literature. Join "ELITE Global" - where education transcends boundaries and opens doors to a world of literary wonders. 🌈